•A new world - just discovered! A world where life is so dependent on senses.

•This world will see students visit different settings (fields, deserts, snowy mountains).

•Whilst visiting these areas, they will hear a range of calming music with added noises, these could be animals, weather, cars etc.

•The student will have to tune in to their senses, to identify the sounds. These sounds will be open to interpretation so every student is right. It is important to see how the student thinks and how their emotions affects their senses.



•Sendsor will draw on all the childs senses in the moment (this is the key grounding activity).

•Through a headset, speak to the virtual avatar who will appear in a  tube and the child will say what they can hear, see, taste, feel and smell.

•Some students have superpowers so powerful their special ability is to sign, write or draw. These students can click buttons that will pop up (i.e. teacher will pop up and they will click yes if they can see that or ignore if not).



•Here at Fidjit HQ, we know this as CHALLENGE TIME!

•The world which will demand focus, engagement and a competitive streak from the students.

•Each week Activium challenges the students to a new challenge which they must complete everyday for 5 days.

•Activium will launch different challenges every Monday, some may be what the students have done before. This means their scores need to be beaten again to conquer the world.

•The aim is simple - beat your previous days high score.



•This is not a world but rather the path between the worlds.

•Some key things students do every morning (as specific as they want) will be decided by them and their teacher upon registration.

•At this part the student will put their routine in order, moving the meteors to the order they want to clear the path. If they do something new or out of routine they can click on the empty meteor to speak or type the new thing they did.

•This will highlight to the teacher any changes that may have unsettled the child.

Gareth Roberts