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Here at Fidjit, we intend to create resources that enable every child to succeed in school. Our products have been designed by SEND professionals, with our ambition to engage and inspire children to learn. 

Computer Games

Student Account

This includes features which help ground students, through visual and audio techniques.

Students will complete daily activities, designed to promote engagement and focus. 

A standardised report will be created each day outlining their emotional state, engagement, changes of routine and risk of becoming ungrounded and distressed.

The timetable feature helps prepare and ground the student. 

Black and Silver Headphones


Purchase or include a headset in your package. 

The headsets allow students to immerse into the games and exercises they will be completing. 

The built in microphone enables students to connect and engage with the virtual avatar. 

Happy Childhood

Parent Account

The Parent Accounts allow the parents to view their child's report from the daily activity. 

This account has  access to the Parent/ Teacher hub to ensure communication is easy between school and home. 

Orange Squeaky

Stress Toy

Brand New Stress Toy - COMING SOON!

Re-imagine stress toys, this new innovative product  has bee created to have the optimum affect of calming  and grounding children.

School Account 

The School Account will allow teachers to sign in and communicate with parents. 

On this account the school will have a copy of all the students daily reports to allow them to assess which students are most ungrounded and may require more support.

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